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 Pop Art is a movement that emerged in the 1950s. It challenged the elitist traditions of fine art, brought new energy into art culture, and celebrated people and objects of everyday life. POP! for SULS wants to do the same – POP! new life into SULS and put the power back into the hands of students. 

We are a group of passionate students from all walks of the law school, with strong representation from LLB, JD, domestic and international students. With our leadership holding previous important executive and committee member positions across all portfolios, we know what works and does not work for SULS. Through unmatched experience, true diversity and a strong student focus, we’re POPPING with fresh ideas to serve ALL law students. 

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Message from the presidential candidate

After deciding to run for President of SULS, I reached out and spoke to over 100 people to choose the ideal team members for the @PopforSULS ticket (and found them!). Above anything else, I was committed to bringing forth experience and diversity in creating an executive team.

Many students are not aware of the fact that Sydney Law School covers a ground of approximately 50% LLB and 50% JD and Postgraduate students. However, it is widely known that many of these students are continuously misrepresented within the Law school, and as a consequence, their concerns are often not voiced nor adequately addressed. Our team will work to POP! this ongoing concern, address the gap and represent all students.

It is a shame that many of our members are not familiar with the amazing work that is carried out by SULS across all portfolios, which I have personally witnessed and been involved in over the past year. By bringing forth a plethora of personal experience across from my undergraduate studies and relevant work experiences, together with a highly representative and committed team, I believe POP! has the ability to facilitate powerful growth within SULS.

We created a TEAM that is extremely committed and has diverse experience, a team who has a strong focus in delivering fun, inclusive and innovative ideas and projects to you, which is why I am certain we are the right ticket to vote for in the upcoming elections. The policies we propose are ambitious, but we want to shake up business as usual, and looking at the team as a whole, we have the experience across the executive and committees (Equity, Treasury, careers, Socials, Campus, Competitions, Sport, Marketing, Publications) to pull it off.

Please do not make the mistake of voting solely based on who you know or may be familiar with. Some people may have concerns that they do not know me or members of my ticket due to our True diversity, so I do recommend for you to speak to any of us about our suitability to the role and ask any questions you may have. Get to know the team who will offer an outside look using insider experience, and organise the most attractive set of projects and events that you and any other student can benefit from.

Our team is committed to POP the barriers to participation. We want to utilise and build upon the knowledge and organisation of our former Socials Director and Campus representative to prepare incredible social events both in and outside of campus. Our team is committed to actively listen and liaise with our students to advocate for them. Let’s work towards receiving more support from academics, getting clarity on assignments and exams, having cleaner bathrooms, and access to more study spaces, amongst many things.


Our team also strongly believes that ongoing support for students in a variety of aspects is crucial as law students need help with equity scholarships, with countering stress and unhealthy competition, and gaining more accessibility to initiatives that allow them to use the knowledge gained from older and more experienced students, towards several cohort learning experiences, amongst other things.

More importantly, we need YOU a law student at the University of Sydney​ to vote on the 29th and 30th of October at the SULS Office from 9am-3pm to create an executive that is dedicated, responsible and representative of the student body, and who is completely committed towards student satisfaction and unifying our community at Sydney Law School.


- Amer Nasr, 2019

This page is authorised by Jeffrey Khoo, Commerce/Law III 470335675   

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